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PIR Rigid Insulation Boards

Suppliers of Thin Thermal Insulation Boards

EcoTherm® develops, manufactures and supplies thin polyisocyanurate (PIR) rigid thermal insulation board products throughout the UK.  We have insulation solutions for pitched roofs, flat roofs, walls and floors.

Highest Rate of Return per Square Metre

EcoTherm® rigid insulation boards offer one of a high rate of return per square metre.  They really are one of the easiest ways to achieve part-L compliance. Our boards are recognised for their compressive strength, low weight, ease of installation and dimensional stability. Our high performing insulation boards are backed up by superb customer service and comprehensive technical support. Their extended performance lifespan means they are ideally suited to insulate all parts of new and existing buildings including homes, offices, retail, educational, healthcare and commercial premises.

pitched roof insulation flat roof insulation
wall insulation, solid wall, timber frame and internal wall floor insulation, solid floor, timber and concrete floor